IBM MaaS: Benefits of a Maximo Upgrade

If people subscribe to Netflix or are using Microsoft 365, there is a good chance that they are already familiar with SaaS or Software as a Service. With Netflix, people subscribe to the service, and all they need is a device (television, tablet, mobile phone) to stream it. MAAS or Maximo as a Service has a similar feature. Individuals subscribe to MaaS and pay as they go. Just Maximo as a Service and chill.

Maximo users can partner with a reputable cloud provider to use this solution for their business asset management. Always remember that offering this solution is different from hosting Maximo. It covers more delivery areas compared to hosting. Adopting it has a lot of advantages for organizations like enhanced management, security, performance, and support. Listed below are some benefits of upgrading your MaaS.

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Ease of management

When MaaS customers work with cloud providers, they will shoulder less burden compared to using on premise implementations. Managing this platform will involve routine tasks that will take the in-house Information Technology team members away from meaningful tasks.

With this software, cloud providers handle the management aspect of the business. It frees the organization’s IT team to work on more strategic business initiatives. The service provider has a lot of experts who can focus on managing Enterprise asset management platforms.

Better security

The ideal service provider can offer reputable and top-level security for this software. A company that is International Organization for Standardization-certified undergoes regular audits to make sure the proper security procedures and policies are in place for an organization’s asset management. International Organization for Standardization certification will validate the provider.

These providers also assume the liability and accountability for MaaS security and compliance. These firms need to offer security data center environments and encryption, as well as other security tools. These tools may include SIEM or Security Information and Event Management, multifactor authentication, and a firewall.

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Regular patches and upgrades

IT companies will make sure that the software is regularly updated and free of dangerous bugs. It will eliminate risks of removing weaknesses that fraudulent individuals or hackers can take advantage of. While bug fixes and patches are critical, updates can also include minor releases and enhancements that are not part of the last version update. Minor releases can provide additional functionalities to your software.

Usually, these companies will provide businesses a choice about when these patches and upgrades will take place. Companies need to be able to schedule these things at an optimal time, so they do not interfere with their production. Some of these firms deliver these patches and upgrades as part of their professional service. The ideal provider will incorporate these services as part of the client’s annual fee instead of charging them extra.

IBM MaaS: Benefits of a Maximo Upgrade

Greater availability

A firm’s service legal agreement or SLA will guarantee high levels of availability for Maximo. These firms need to offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week monitoring to find performance problems. This monitoring will allow notifications to be sent if the client’s system is experiencing downtime or bottlenecks. System performance problems can be prioritized. For instance, if the system goes on the downtime, that needs to be treated with high priority so the problem-solving process can be escalated.

Gaining a lot of support without losing considerable control

Information Technology administrators at businesses doing Maximo upgrade may worry about losing their jobs if the platform moves to the cloud. But don’t fear, because it allows IT administrators to work on creative and exciting projects instead of performing routine tasks. MaaS providers are also pretty flexible when it comes to licensing.

Business organizations can bring their own licenses or use the license they get from the companies. But as SaaS license holders, these firms take on the risk of possible audits. The client does not need to worry about going through audits or getting fined for not following government agencies’ rules and regulations.

Maximo as a Service support servers, data centers, storage and network, virtualization, databases, applications, and operating systems. But customers will maintain control over their data. They will own this data, and it is managed by it.

Finding the perfect partner for MaaS

MaaS markets can be pretty hard to navigate. While most firms offer these benefits, they do not have the same level of services. Some firms offer agility and flexibility to their customers. Every client is given a dedicated software utilizing the same one that customers would use on-premises without using Maximo Multitenant.

It allows for a better support system with third-party solutions, seamless onboarding, as well as making it a lot easier for clients to take ownership in case they choose to leave the solution. Not only that, this approach will give customers options for when they need an upgrade. Fixes and upgrades are included as part of the firm’s annual subscription fee, and their Service-level agreement guarantees at least 99% availability.